About us

Doklad is an art platform established during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doklad is a place of isolation from the external world, imaginary consumer needs, a mechanized lifestyle, where everyone reproduces the world with closed eyes and conveys it in the form of phrases, texts, diagrams, graphs, drawings, photos, audio and video materials, also, theater and cinema.

Our small crew will embark with you on a lifelong journey from end to beginning, facing the classic past and the emerging “shapeless” future, using the reverse method of rewinding the alternative approach – rethinking through screenings, digital exhibitions, audio and video podcasts.

The title Doklad established during a pandemic that plunged everyone into chaos and gave us mental pabulum and time to think. It proved that even time needs isolation. It questioned the existence of mankind and made us look into ourselves, renouncing external factors that turn our life into a “simulation” life and drown the routine of eternal search for ourselves in the “mechanical web”.

Imagine that the planet was stopped for you and you are witnessing the apocalypse, after which the world will not be the same. After all, if we look at what is happening from a different angle, then we will see how nature, people, even the inner world of people have been depleted; how love, time and death were depleted.
Although all these three aspects are inherent in us initially, we destroy them without hesitation and are afraid to listen to them. The virus pushed us to take a step back, turn around and postpone our plans, not rush to conclusions, forgive and be forgiven, confess, live and love, because life is not infinite and is definitely a valuable thing.

Why Doklad?
Each participant is important here, his/her inner world, imagination, an individual approach to creativity, which is called the world hidden from sight, the world “between the lines” transmitted in different forms of embodiment.

Our aim is to unite all known and discover all unknown directions and genres in art.

Our school is intended for talented young artists who want to make themselves known to the whole world and take a “leap of trust” with us.
In the frame of iSchool education program there will be masterclasses and workshops with renowned filmmakers, artists, critics, actors, etc.